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The Ultimate SAJE Solution: Medicine Hat, Alberta The Ultimate SAJE Solution - Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada Testimonials

These testimonials are actual cases where Biofeedback has worked to help a client with his or her condition.

The Ultimate SAJE Solution: Medicine Hat, Alberta

"I had been on inhalers for asthma for almost 30 years of my life. I have never been in favor of taking drugs to help me breath but I had no choice. I starting seeing my Bio-feedback practitioner and took several treatment for my breathing. I could feel changes in my body almost immediately and after about 6 treatments I noticed I was taking my inhalers for asthma less and less. After about 5-7 more treatments I finally stopped taking my inhalers. I know it was because I starting taking treatments from my Bio-feedback practitioner because I had tried to quit many time before and could not because I needed them to help me breathe. I can honestly say I have not taken them for over two months and I enjoy the fact that I am not on any medication. I have found that the stress levels in my body have been reduced to low levels and again this is because of the treatments. I was also addicted to nose sprays. Again, once I started see my practitioner for about 6 sessions I stopped taking the nose drops and have not used them for over two months. I can now breathe through my nose without the aid of nose drops. I breathe clearly without any problems."

"I am so thankful I have a Bio-feedback practitioner that can help me."

Sincerely, Les Seitz

The Ultimate SAJE Solution: Medicine Hat, Alberta

I have had health issues for the last several years, some of them being dealt with accordingly and others little to be known what it could or might possibly be. After years of being active, playing volleyball and baseball, my wrists totally quit working. I would have excruciating pain in them to the point in which I could hardly hold a pen let alone throw a ball and even be in tears to squeeze out a washcloth. When I first heard about Biofeedback, I was a little hesitant because I had tried other methods in the past and did not prevail as well as being very costly. When I did decide to give it a try it was the best thing I have ever done. Not only is it an excellent program but Shirley is a very wonderful caring woman in which you sense the first time you meet her.

I have gone approximately 8 times and my wrists are totally pain free. With Shirley's input I have also discovered some hidden stresses causing other problems also. I would recommend this program to anyone.

Pam Forseth

The Ultimate SAJE Solution: Medicine Hat, Alberta

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